Our Mission Statement

GO! serves corporate and private clients to create more orderly, harmonious environments that maximize limited space and minimize the stress of clutter while appeasing the soul and pleasing the eye.

The unique expertise available with GO! services:
VahĂ­deh, principal and owner, knows how to:

  • Listen

  • Ask the right questions

  • Understand what every client wants and needs

  • Envision the big picture for transforming spaces and workplaces

  • Plan and set realistic goals

  • Meet deadlines and complete tasks on time

  • Use technology to support organizing efforts

  • Collaborate with compassion and patience to explain organizing principles and accompany clients through the process so it is enjoyable.

How does GO! work:

  • Consultation on-site to evaluate the job that you have in mind, either for a space in your home or a business space
  • Agreeing upon what you want to organize and how it will be organized
  • Customizing a system for each client
  • Creating a plan of action to accomplish these goals