Estate Closure Accompaniment & Organizing

When we grieve the passing of a loved one, every little thing that belonged to them is a painful reminder that they have left and will not return to this life.  Often the bereaved hang on to everything that belonged to their loved one, as a way to preserve a connection and not let go. Sifting through the departed's belongings is a difficult, long and painstaking process. A caring but objective outsider can provide enormous support to accompany the bereaved through the process of emptying out a house or apartment, distinguishing between heirlooms worth keeping, antiques that could be sold or auctioned off and items to get rid of, while respecting the sentimental value of old letters and keepsakes. GO! services can help organize, categorize and digitize precious family documents for easy retrieval and preservation. Transferring photos and documents from dusty piles to clean, space-saving digitized files accessible to multiple family members, for example.

For estate closure, the compassionate professional services of GO! Get Organized can support clients to deal with the spaces and things their loved ones have left behind, which can be an emotionally, physically and mentally draining process. We’re here to help.