Why use GO! to get organized?

  • Some people don’t have the skill-set to organize themselves. They need a personal organizer to show them how to develop a system that they can maintain themselves, to keep their things, documents and personal affairs organized
  • Some people just don't have the time they need to organize themselves. Hiring a personal organizer frees up time to enjoy life's important moments.
  • GO! fulfills the need to create order out of chaos/clutter. Material things like papers, outdated or unused clothing or appliances (kept for that "just in case" event that never comes), toys, magazines, dishes, knickknacks and mail can accumulate and overwhelm. Sometimes you need an outsider to help you decide which things are essential and which are non-essential.

Where do you work with clients?

GO! serves clients in their homes and offices in New York City (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx) as well the Greater Boston Area.  If you live outside of these areas,  please contact GO! to discuss the possibility of coming to your area. Vahídeh, expert organizer at GO!, would  be happy to offer virtual organizing services via phone and Skype.

I’ve tried to get organized, but never get very far by myself. Why can’t I do this on my own?

Organizing often turns out to be overwhelming and frustrating:  Where do I start? By working with an experienced professional like Vahídeh, like working with a personal trainer to get in shape, you’ll gain some skills yourself and achieve more sustainable results faster.

Do I have to help with the organizing?

The customized organizing process of GO!  pivots around collaboration and some client participation. After establishing your goals,  we’ll collaborate to devise sustainable systems that address your specific challenges and suit your vision and unique personality.

Will you come in and make me toss everything out?

Absolutely not!  De-cluttering does not necessarily involve tossing everything out. For example, some clients may have treasures that lie hidden away under stacks of old newspapers or other clutter. Such clients may choose to keep but organize and display their many treasures and collections. Other clients may  envision a transformation into a sparse, minimalist environment.

Do you have a question that’s not answered here?

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