For the Office


Vahídeh at GO! evaluates space potential and needs, collaborates with clients to design practical arrangements that meet those needs, and puts into place sustainable systems that render work spaces more efficient and enhance quality of life.

GO! services organize your filing systems so you never again have to panic and waste time rummaging  through drawers and stacks of unorganized papers in order to find important or precious documents. Or if a co-worker is away on vacation, with GO! services, your team will be able to rely on the  system in place to find and file documents. If an auditor comes or a funder does a site-visit at your organization, well-organized record-keeping and filing systems can make a difference in whether the funding continues or gets cut.

For Corporate Clients, Organizations & Work Teams:

Vahídeh at GO! has the unique experience and leadership skills to coordinate a team of co-workers so they clearly understand the organizing system and their role in keeping workplace or shared systems in place and functioning smoothly and efficiently.

GO! Office Services & Corporate & Home Work Spaces Include:

  • File sorting and ordering

  • Miscellaneous paperwork management

  • Identifying unnecessary documents and disposing of them

  • Digital file management

  • General de-cluttering of space

  • Implementing new space solution alternatives including buying or arranging furniture, office storage units or custom built-in designs.