Moving house is one of the most stressful events in one's life. The task of boxing up all your possessions, undoing your living space and decor, dismantling and packing familiar comforts and furniture can be quite overwhelming. Emptying a home is a complex taskespecially with childrenthat requires many hands and a high level of organization, particularly for the benefit of a smooth unpacking process when you arrive at your new residence!

Whether you have engaged professional movers or enlisted a group of strong friends to assist you, a move requires organizing all your different belongings, household  items, family member's possessions, linens, dishes, pots & pans, books, toys, sports equipment, music, rugs, etc. Moving time is often a good time to evaluate and take stock of what is essential and what stuff to get rid of. GO! organizing expert Vahídeh has years of experience managing moves in order to minimize stress, and ensure that the process proceeds smoothly.