Vahídeh puts you at ease right away.  Organizing is personal and, right form the start, she makes you feel safe and well-taken care of. She brought creative thinking and simple solutions to spaces I have tried to organize for years. The best part is that those spaces continue to stay clean and easy to navigate because of the systems she put in place. 

- Katy Kessler-Rink, Hamden Connecticut

Vahídeh is passionate about helping people.  She is meticulous and thoughtful in her approach and will bring any client to ease in making sure she gets the job done right.  She helped me quickly pack 15 years of my life in a matter of two days! I would recommend her to anyone that needs a little (or a lot of) organization in their life.

 - Roja Imani, Brooklyn New York 

Vahídeh quickly and efficiently identified solutions for turning a chaotic area into a useful storage space. Her thoughtful solutions continue to help us keep our closets easily organized, navigable, and functional.
She is a pleasure to work with.

 - Melanie & Greg St. Pierre, Boston Massachusetts

It is hard to express just how functional Vahídeh made my disaster of an office. When she arrived I expected things to get put away, but she went above and beyond and gave everything a place. She organized my junky art supplies and wrapping materials and made it not only usable, but also beautiful. Art supplies are hard to organize, but she did it in a way that makes me want to go in there and use them regularly. I would definitely hire her again. 

- Dana Morand, Princeton New Jersey

Vahídeh did an amazing job organizing and packing our stuff when we were moving. The care she put into packing our belongings made us feel like they were in safe hands. Organizing comes naturally to her. She is creative when it comes to packing efficiently and is able to think ahead and make sure you have everything you need when packing. She is also honest and very hard-working, and makes sure the job is done well.
I definitely recommend her!

- Zarrin Maani, Brooklyn New York

Vahídeh listens carefully to your needs and consults with you for ideas to make sure you get organized in a way that will naturally be sustained by you.

 - Stephany Martinez, Brooklyn New York

 When faced with the daunting task of packing an entire three bedroom house, Vahídeh managed to make the work flow easily. She quickly organized all of my many "chachkies" in clearly labeled bins that I promptly moved into a storage space. Four years later I was able to revisit the bins and know exactly the contents because they were so clearly labeled! Vahídeh is an efficient and focused perfectionist and won't relax until her work is done. Truly a godsend!

- Zia Rayner, Rochester New York